Sunday, April 15, 2007

MRM: Running Scared

I was in blockbuster a while ago with a friend trying to decide on a movie to see. It was one of those days that you look through all the movies on the shelf and everything just seemed confusing, nothing fit exactly the criteria of movie you felt like watching and the ones that seemed like they did you had never heard of them before so you are not actually sure if you want to see it.

So I ventured to ask one of the blockbuster employees for advice for a movie to see. After thinking for some seconds he recommended this movie. I must say I am really surprised I never heard of this when it was in the box office, well if it was ever in the box office. This was a very good movie, one of the best ones I had seen in 2006.

The movie is basically about a guy who is part of a mob, he was told to get rid a gun which was used to kill a cop(by accident). The gun was stolen by his sons friend and used to shoot his dad. This little incident spiraled out of control when the cops find out that the gun used to kill the police officer was used by the kid to shoot his dad. It is a really intense, action packed movie. This is one of those must see movies. I am not usually a guy that watches mafia/mob related movies, not that I have anything against them but they are just not my favorite genre. This movie is one is an exception, one that I think anyone will appreciate.

Note: It is a bit graphics, sexually and in violence.

My rating: 85%
Rotten Tomatoes: 39%

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