Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Bible in classrooms

Reading my weekly dose of Time, skimming through the pages, looking at the headings that interest me and skipping the ones that don't, I could not help but notice the cover story, "Why we should teach the bible in public schools". I was like not again, This has been an on going argument for a while now, how Christians have been trying to enforce the learning of Bible in public schools either by proposing it or trying to sneak it in through ideas like Intelligent Design. I was like o.k I'm just gonna give it a peak and as soon as I started reading the article I was hooked.

This was a whole new perspective. This article was saying that many high schools have started teaching the bible in schools not to convert them into the religion but to increase their knowledge/literacy. Considering the Bible is the number one Bestseller every year since bestselling books have been recorded it is quite obvious that the Bible is so much embedded in the history of the world and our cultures we cannot just sit back and erase it. This article poses strong points such as, from reading Shakespeare to the latest bestsellers (For example the Da Vinci Code) knowledge of the Bible is key to enjoying the full experience and understanding of these books. Littered all over what we call literature are references to people, places and scenarios in the Bible, even in the movies. You cannot enjoy/understand the full impact of the Matrix if you do not have an adept knowledge of the Bible.

The point is that it has been discovered that to be considered literate in todays world you have to have knowledge of the Bible. After reading this I smiled, so Christians did not even need to try to get the Bible into the classroom, it was practically destined to be, we need the Bible to be educated. It made perfect sense.

Food for thought: Something I found Interesting was that in the Bible it is said that at the end of the world (Which many predict not to be far away) majority of the world will forget God so when he comes again it will be those who really love him and have been with him, will he take to heaven. If the bible is on its way to be a standard in school curriculum, is it going to be possible to forget God and his teachings? How close is the end of the world?

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