Thursday, April 26, 2007


My blog has officially been moved. There will no longer be any postings at this address. But this will remain up (for a whie) in order to let people know where I have moved to if they come to check.

My new blog/website is at:

see you soon

Sunday, April 15, 2007

MRM: Running Scared

I was in blockbuster a while ago with a friend trying to decide on a movie to see. It was one of those days that you look through all the movies on the shelf and everything just seemed confusing, nothing fit exactly the criteria of movie you felt like watching and the ones that seemed like they did you had never heard of them before so you are not actually sure if you want to see it.

So I ventured to ask one of the blockbuster employees for advice for a movie to see. After thinking for some seconds he recommended this movie. I must say I am really surprised I never heard of this when it was in the box office, well if it was ever in the box office. This was a very good movie, one of the best ones I had seen in 2006.

The movie is basically about a guy who is part of a mob, he was told to get rid a gun which was used to kill a cop(by accident). The gun was stolen by his sons friend and used to shoot his dad. This little incident spiraled out of control when the cops find out that the gun used to kill the police officer was used by the kid to shoot his dad. It is a really intense, action packed movie. This is one of those must see movies. I am not usually a guy that watches mafia/mob related movies, not that I have anything against them but they are just not my favorite genre. This movie is one is an exception, one that I think anyone will appreciate.

Note: It is a bit graphics, sexually and in violence.

My rating: 85%
Rotten Tomatoes: 39%

Friday, April 13, 2007

I have been thinking....

I have been blogging for a bit now and I think I am starting to get the hang of it and I am thinking I might want to take it more seriously now. I have looked around and seen some blogs which I consider serious (in the sense that it has become a full fledged hobby for the authors). These authors mostly have their own domain names and they have really customomized templates, hence having a proffesional look.

Well I dont plan to be launching a own site very soon but my first step I feel is to gain total control of my blog and my problem with that is that I dont think can do that for me.

Here are my issues:

1) is not fully compatable with safari (Ya I am a mac user), and I think that is ridiculous considering that macs are becoming more popular daily. This also causes me to use two browsers FireFox for blogging and safari for everything else (I prefer safari to Firefox due to FF's memory leak problems) this is a problem for me.

2) There are not alot of options in templates on as supposed to wordpress, you have to mess around with alot of the HTML on blogger, which can be seen as a plus, cause you are kinda given full control of your template. But for me who has no time, I prefer to find some obscure template, tweak it a little and I am ready to roll.

3) Blogger doesn't give future posting feature. I travel alot and I don't know how my internet access will be when ever I am away, so I would like to schedule posts to be saved and then published the day I want them to, so to my readers it seems I never left.

4) With blogger I have to use third party applications to view my web stats, this is ok but need me to manage and create extra accounts on the internet thereby keeping track of multiple user names and passwords.

I am presently living with all the issues listed above and if I am to take blogging seriously, it has to be something I enjoy and not a burden, I have to reduce all this over heard, so I started this research and then I found out that Wordpress ('s main rival) has all these features I am looking for and more and to put icing on the cake they have an import function that lets me import my blog and comments form to the new blog, which I think is amazing.

Hmm... so when do i move? when i finish my personal website or before?

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Seeking Inspiration

You remember my previous post about how to become a genius?. I quoted Thomas Edisson, "Genius is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration" What I left out is that finding that 1% Inspiration might be as hard as or if not harder than putting in that 99% perspiration.

The definition of inspiration as defined by is: "Stimulation of the mind or emotions to a high level of feeling or activity" but the definition I liked best of inspiration was that of which was: "a psychic state in which one becomes susceptible to creative spiritual influence or, to a varying degree, unwittingly lends oneself as an instrument for through-flowing ideas" . This is because I like to liken the recieving of inspiration to seeing the light (an internal awakening).

Sometimes I run out of inspiration for different things, from blogging topics to my next computer related project to how to start my assignments. Sometimes I go out of my way to seek inspiration, for me I need to break the flow I need to change my routine. Routine stagnates my mind, so these are a few methods I use to clear my mind:

1) Go to bed Thinking about what I want to solve.
Thats right, whenever I have a problem and I don't know where to start I lay on my bed with the intention of sleeping (to also calm my nerves) but sometimes if I am lucky I wake up with a clue or finally decide on the path I want to follow in tackling whatever the situation is.

2)Read a magazine
Many times when I am short on inspiration on designing a website, flyer or I am short of a blog topic. Magazines have never failed. Well published periodicals are filled with other peoples creativity which you can feed off and gain inspiration.

3)Put yourself in a random scenario
I go to places where there is talking but not to much noise that you cant think, just watching random interactions from people and events pop different Ideas into my head. Library and Coffee shops fpr example.

There is this place on the first floor of my school library which is called the Idea Factory (as if they knew) I can dare to say it is one of the most colorful places on campus, multi colored couches, abtract paintings on the walls, a flat screen tv in the corner and so many other things. The place is so busy that your mind processes a lot at once but at the same time so organised that you can see symetry in this madness. That kind of place is my ideal place to do homework. think and relax.

What are your own methods when you seek inspiration?

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Bible in classrooms

Reading my weekly dose of Time, skimming through the pages, looking at the headings that interest me and skipping the ones that don't, I could not help but notice the cover story, "Why we should teach the bible in public schools". I was like not again, This has been an on going argument for a while now, how Christians have been trying to enforce the learning of Bible in public schools either by proposing it or trying to sneak it in through ideas like Intelligent Design. I was like o.k I'm just gonna give it a peak and as soon as I started reading the article I was hooked.

This was a whole new perspective. This article was saying that many high schools have started teaching the bible in schools not to convert them into the religion but to increase their knowledge/literacy. Considering the Bible is the number one Bestseller every year since bestselling books have been recorded it is quite obvious that the Bible is so much embedded in the history of the world and our cultures we cannot just sit back and erase it. This article poses strong points such as, from reading Shakespeare to the latest bestsellers (For example the Da Vinci Code) knowledge of the Bible is key to enjoying the full experience and understanding of these books. Littered all over what we call literature are references to people, places and scenarios in the Bible, even in the movies. You cannot enjoy/understand the full impact of the Matrix if you do not have an adept knowledge of the Bible.

The point is that it has been discovered that to be considered literate in todays world you have to have knowledge of the Bible. After reading this I smiled, so Christians did not even need to try to get the Bible into the classroom, it was practically destined to be, we need the Bible to be educated. It made perfect sense.

Food for thought: Something I found Interesting was that in the Bible it is said that at the end of the world (Which many predict not to be far away) majority of the world will forget God so when he comes again it will be those who really love him and have been with him, will he take to heaven. If the bible is on its way to be a standard in school curriculum, is it going to be possible to forget God and his teachings? How close is the end of the world?