Monday, April 2, 2007

Movie Review Monday (MRM): 300

I am always asked to recommend movies when ever my friends are debating seeing a movie and for some reason I always go blank. I find that really unusually cause I'm the kind of guy that should get paid to watch movies. I think I have a broad range of movies I watch, actually I am really unbiased when it comes to movies and music, for me it is all about the mood I am at, at that particular time. So in a way I could be a good movie partner but many people dont like me cause I always give side commentary while the movie is going on. Yes I am that guy, that annoying guy that feels he can predict the next five scenes and feels that he can actually tell you the end of the movie from like 40 minutes into the movie. O.k I know that is bad but I think for a significant percentage im right though but anyway I am steering away from the point.

I recently decided to review one movie I have seen recently every monday (hence forming MRM: Movie Review Mondays) so all of you out there can know what I have seen and from my review decide if it is worth your while or not. Although I do not believe in movie ratings by movie critics I will put them side by side with my own rating for you to see what other people are saying about that movie.

So I recently saw the movie "300". To give you are very brief description of the movie without saying too much, it was about 300 legendary soldiers from sparta (a city in ancient Greece) and how they fought against the Persians (Who wanted to enslave them). It is a typical ancient Greek war movie, if you liked the movie Troy, you would probably love this. The cinematic effects was highly impressive. This movie was highly digitized so you can probably find it in a 3-D movie theater near you (recommended). This is one of those movies better seen in the theater than at home on you couch, its an action packed adrenaline pumping movie that I would recommend.

Movie Trailer here.

My rating: 80% (A must see)
Rotten Tomatoes: 61%(Fresh)
Yahoo movies: B+

Note: Rotten Tomatoes rates harshly and rates better towards Oscar worthy movies rather than what might just be a plain chill/fun movie

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