Monday, April 9, 2007

MRM: The Prestige

This was one of my best movies of 2006. I was privileged to find time to watch it again this weekend. You know that is something I hardly do, watch a movie twice. There are really few movies in recent times (I'm talking about the past 4 years) that I have watched twice. I am a movie buff and I watch movies to gain perspective/relax so if I feel I have derived the maximum profit from a movie I'm not going to watch it again until I can barely remember what its about. Nowadays the originality in the plot of a movie woo's me more than the cinema effects, or the complexity of the story. I have seen so much that for me to call it a good movie I feel it has to be original in a way or make me think.

The Prestige gave me that effect. The bottom line is that there was nothing really original, because it was basically a story about revenge, but the way it was executed is what made me like the movie. It made me wonder how far I would go to pay someone back for the way they hurt me and what I feel would be a justified pay back. What also caught my attention was the magic in the movie, a little mystery is always a selling point for anything. In order not to give the details away and keep it short and simple. If you havn't seen this movie you have to see it.

My ratings: 85%
Yahoo: B
Rotten Tomatoes: 74%

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