Thursday, March 22, 2007

Internal Alarm

Everyday as I go to bed I look at my cable box to get the exact time I lay my head down to sleep ( I have a clock in my room but I'm just lazy to look in the opposite direction) I think about my plans for the next day and then decide what time I have to be up the next morning, meditate on the time for a minute or two and then try to sleep and then "POOF" like clockwork I always wake up 10 -15 minutes before the time I planned to, I try to sleep the remaining 15 minutes away but I keep waking up at 5 minutes interval scared that I have over slept. Yes this happens every single morning and no I do not have an alarm clock, actually I have never owned an alarm clock in my entire life. the closest thing I have ever had to an alarm clock is the alarm in my cell phone.

I have told people this several times. Most people think I'm lying and others just say "Wow thats cool" (I'm not really sure if they believe me). In my whole life I have only met about three people who say they can do the same thing, go to bed decide what time they want to wake up and actually wake up at exactly that time. Noticing the small amount of people with this ability naturally I thought I was special, well I know we are all special but I was thinking towards the super heroes/ special ability kind of special only to be disappointed today when I stumbled unto this web page.

What the article says in a nutshell is that psychologist have found that we all have this ability, that is if we meditate on the time we want to wake up some hormones that induce stress are released into your blood about an hour before we are to wake up and this wakes us up eventually. After several other attempts to research this phenomena, I read that this ability is most prominent/or easily controlled by people into deep meditation. Well I wont say I am into deep meditation but I know I think a lot, about a lot of deep stuff, I have also noted this ability since I was in elementary school, so I have been working on it for a while and I can say it has matured quite a bit (although from time to time there are discrepancies, depending on how tired I am when I go to bed and how early I have to wake up or If the time I plan to wake up is much earlier than my usual sleep pattern from the previous weeks).

After my discovery I was both happy and annoyed at the same time. Happy because I can finally prove to people that I have not been lying, that this is a known and documented occurrence but annoyed that it is not a special ability. You know maybe the Xmen times are not as near as I thought, but that would be a wack ability though.

There is one thing that I found interesting, of all the people I have met and told about this ability there is only one person that asked me a question that I still think about today. He can also wake up in the morning when he thinks about it and he asked "You know my body can tell the time when I am asleep and know when to wake up but when I try to guess the time during the day it never works can you?"

I will answer that on a different day.

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