Monday, February 26, 2007

Who is Sarah Silverman?

Recently in order to cool down from a lot of stress (Exam week). I have been watching a significant amount of TV and reading a lot of news, and from time to time I keep bumping into the name Sarah Silverman over and over again, I looked her up. The article said she is a comedian who is known for telling crude jokes (Unpopular style for women but its working for her). Well I didn't get the chance to see her show till last night. Only two minutes in I could see why someone would love to watch her but also find her annoying at the same time.

She is pretty and easy to look at but she is not lady like, she is that girl that a guy and all his friends will hang out with laugh together and checkout other girls with. her humor style ranges from stupidity to sarcasm and sometime she would throw you off with some smart ass jokes like the video "Why do Jews buy German Cars". Generally I found her really interesting and would probably watch her again. Here a clip from one of her shows.

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