Sunday, February 25, 2007

Springbreak Check List

March is closing in and I cant wait for spring to arrive, It has been a crazy winter here in New York with 2 feet of snow overnight and ice cold winds, freezing up from trees to cars even airplanes. Well spring break is near and I can hear the waves on the beach calling me, the beautiful women in bikini's sun bathing and sleepless nights spent in huge untamed nightclubs. That is why I chose to go to Cancun this year, after a bottled up, cold four months we all need to stretch, relax and have some fun. But in all this excitement many of us will forget to pack the most essential things needed for the break which may affect the overall fun on the trip. Thats why I have created this check list of things to take and things do for your spring break trip.

Things to do:
  • Make sure you have your passport packed 2 days before your trip
  • Call the airline company to confirm your flight and the times
  • Check your due dates for bills (you don't want to get back from your holiday only to pay late fees)
  • Leave contact information for friends and family to be able to reach you in case there is an emergency.
Things to pack:
  • Sunscreen (for those who need it)
  • Swimming trunks
  • Condoms
  • camera/camcorder (Your gonna want to remember those crazy moments)
  • Money (This is very important, go on forums or ask other people that have been to where ever your going how much they think you would need)
  • Magazines (for the plane and when your on the beach relaxing)
  • Mp3/Music player (Essential on the plane or relaxing)
  • Your Brain (This is the most important, many people go on holidays and just wild out forgetting life continues after the break)

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